I saw you, Mom

May 12, 2019

I saw it again today. On the Saturday afternoon before Mother’s day, I saw it. I saw one after one so many beautiful, caring, and loving moms. They were bringing their little ones to the clinic for a sick visit. I saw their eyes. Some of them were worried, some of them were scared. They had questions and concerns. I saw them and listened. And I also saw the most precious thing. There was something about the way they looked at their children. It was the face of love. As part of my job, I see it every single day and it never gets old. That mommy and me connection is… so special. 

So today I celebrate the amazing ladies that manage to carry a baby for 9 months inside their womb and then go through physical pain to bring a little one to the world. I celebrate the ones that chose to be moms, adopted a little one and welcomed them to their heart. I see you, moms. Somehow, you manage to run on little sleep for months. You selflessly give and give. Who knew that you could love so much? I celebrate you who chase after the toddlers while they run as fast as a cheetah. I praise you who every single day run the schedule, manage the home, make meals, work outside the home, inside the home, do the errands. Your forehead kisses are somehow magical. You can make them smile, read the coolest bedtime stories and give the warmest hugs. I see you all, juggling mamas. I see you wake up early and go to bed late. You graciously tackle so many things. The dirty diapers, the spit ups, and the laundry… I notice you. But let me tell you, your job is not in vain. Your little ones see you. They see how you kiss, and hug, and cuddle. They run to you to kiss their boo boos and ask you to save them from the monsters under the bed. They see you and in their eyes, you are mighty and strong. 

Dear beautiful moms, thank you for all you do. Thank you for educating them, for nurturing and for pouring yourself into them. Your job is hard, so very hard. I admire you, dear moms. Please, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job. Please do not get tired of doing good. You are a gift.

Will you please take time for yourself too? You need it, dear moms. Please rest and recharge. Slow down a little. Enjoy yourself, take care of your health.  Seize the moment. Love yourself too.  You mean the world to those little ones. Never doubt that you are deeply loved. I see you and your littles ones see you too.

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